Plant UML installation plantuml

Plant UML Installation

This plugin should work with any version of Eclipse above 3.2 (it has been tested under 3.3, 3.6 and 4.2).

For Eclipse 3, you have to use 1.1.7 version.
For Eclipse Juno, you have to use 1.1.8 version.

To install the plugin, you must :

Ecore/Xcore support

Hallvard Trætteberg has recently added support for Ecore/Xcore files. so that you can see the corresponding class diagram in a view side-by-side the Ecore/Xcore editor :

This feature has not been integrated on the plugin hosted on, so you have to use the following update site:

The code itself is hosted on github.


This plugin add a new view to display PlantUML diagram. To show it, you have to click on Window/Show View/Other

And select PlantUML in the following window.


The PlantUML view will display the current active diagram, that is the diagram where the text cursor is located.

Version & Changing Graphviz Path

You can display the version of PlantUML with the menu Windows/Preferences…